No Bae This Valentines?


Any other time of the year when you don’t have bae it’s fine. But this time of the year in particular,oh boy do you feel it! Suddenly, every couple you walk by seem to be purposefully rubbing it in your face. Those red roses that you never really cared for, seem to be the only thing you want.

My parents do this cute thing where they get me and my sister chocolate for valentines and flowers. I have no idea why but I’m definitely not complaining. Personally Valentine’s day is like any other day. As sad as it may sound, it’s true. I guess if you have memories of that particular ex that once made your Valentines  special, this day reminds you of him.You may begin to wish him back into your life or just someone to make your day special. Which brings me to the reason for this post.

Before you even think about going down that route stop and really really really think about it. Is it worth you inviting someone into your life  just because you want to be entertained for a few hours?Is it worth you compromising your standards just so you fit in with friends who have bae? Are you going to thank yourself for this decision 6 months later?

You may currently not be dating but remember why you are not dating or entertaining all these other Tom, Dick and Harrys.

Don’t make decision that will affect you long term based on a temporary situation. The lack of bae should not stop you from stop you from celebrating all the other awesome stuff you have going in your life. Bae or no bae celebrate on valentines, there is still alot to be celebrated in life.

Here to a Happy Valentine’.






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