Forget Competing, Collaborating Is More Fun

Sometimes the competitive trait comes in handy when there is an actual competition: exams, sports etc. But some competition amongst us girls is just straight-up unnecessary.We are so quick to want to out do each other on such stupid things. The reason why most girls don’t really find themselves content with what they have is because their forever competing with other girls. Secretly disliking someone because they dress in a way you like, are more popular than you, they have what you would like to have is called jealousy. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Let’s be honest you aren’t really jealous you are a secret fan who just expresses their feeling wrongly.

If someone is doing something the way you like or that is similar to how you do your thing girl, don’t hate take time to compliment them.It doesn’t make you less of a person and you don’t loose anything from it at all. Ask for tips on how they did it. This is how we begin to empower one another and build a real sisterhood.

If you feel like envious, intimidated by someone for whatever reason earnestly pray for that person and see your feelings towards them change.

My point is ladies let’s celebrate each other, collaborate and make this world a better place.

“Learn to appreciate other who may have succeeded where you did not. Some people never try to do anything, yet become very jealous of those who try different thing and succeed in some of them. Unhealthy competition breeds jealousy and resentment. Learn to be content with what you have got, what you have yourself achieved. We cannot all be the same. It’s ok to be challenged and inspired by someone else’s success, and then aspire to do the same in your own different way.”

Quoted from Threshing Floor D.I.Y style by Dr. Masocha.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.


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