Playing Dumb To Be Found Attractive?

Driving from work with 2 of my male colleagues/friends we pulled up in front of a very stunning young Asian lady who was driving the latest Mercedes E-Class. Impressed by the state of the art car and the fact that it was driven by a very attractive young lady, my friends threw a cheeky comment in the air, “ Her husband must be loaded”. Taken aback by the slightly sexist comment I asked, “Her husband? How do you know she doesn’t make her own money?”.My inquisitive self asked “Would you marry a girl that makes more money than you?” They both replied in agreement “No! It’s a pride thing.” Sadly studies show that they arent the only ones.

Which got me thinking are females expected to aim lower so that our male counterparts don’t get intimidated by our success and we so have a chance of getting married? Surely not?!

Then I realised, we are just as guilty of making that statement a reality. We put such high expectations on guys but never work towards living up to those standards ourselves. If you’ve sat around with your home girls discussing the list of what you desire in future bae, you probably know what I mean; From driving the latest Range to dropping bible verses like pastor Bob. We dream of marrying guys who are making moves but never work towards being half these things ourselves.

You want him to buy everything under the sun but can you afford to buy that for yourself? Dont put unrealistic expectations on yor partner. You want him to be something he is not instead of excepting him for who he is.

You want him to be on an impressive paycheck but how’s yours looking? Money only impresses broke girls. When a woman works hard, a man with money is bonus not a ladder to upgrade. 

You want him to have a tight relationship with God but hows yours looking at the moment?

You want to him to be fun to be around but are you enjoyable to be around? Stop letting your happiness lie in someone else’s hand.You will forever be miserable.  

The list goes on but I hope you get my point. Whether it’s spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally work on yourself. You want to be with someone who compliments who you are, not make-up for your lacks and deficincies. Iron sharpens iron.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to want this from your partner.What I’m saying is instead of sitting around waiting for Mr nice body, sizeable paycheck, 10 cars to show up how about you go get your own. You are more than capable of getting your own nice body, sizeable paycheck, 10 cars or whatever else. So many girls get so impressed but if you focus and work hard enough you can easily do it yourself.You’ve got gifts and talents dont dumb yourself down to be attract a man becuase that man may be too dumb to realise you might be brighter than you put out.

What’s stopping you? Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and chase your goals. If any males are intimidated by your drive that’s thier business.You are far more than a trophy piece waiting to be admired. Be a woman of purpose, the kind of woman who has more to bring to the table than a pretty face and you will be respected for it.

Cheers to being purpose driven young women


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