Hello MAGNIFY Magazine

This is going to sound very sad but you know how most people wait in anticipation for their favourite artist to drop a new album or apple to release a new iPhone? Well, I’m the other extreme! I’ve waited for this issue of MAGNIFY for what feels like donkey years. (lol dont judge me) I am a big fan.


According to yougov.com, 44 percent of adults in the UK shy away from magazines. I was part of that 44 percent until recently. Here’s why:  it’s such a struggle to find a magazine with godly edifying content and is still very much voguish.You know what I mean?! So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across MAGNIFY. It’s all that.

The entire magazine is just so well put together.The team behind it did such a great job. The minimal design on the front cover is just right up my street too.It’s one of those timeless magazines that you can read over and over.

Ladies I would encourage you to grab yourself a copy at hellomagnify.com.

Christian or non-Christian, there’s a message that we can all take away.

Happy reading






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