How To Step Into 2017 Baggage Free

Did you see that sprinter at the start line of the 100m Olympic race carrying all that baggage? No, neither did I because no athlete runs a race carrying baggage . As you are preparing to run your race in 2017 I thought I’d give you some inspiration to start well.I like to think of December as baggage control season. Before you set another goal for 2017, please hear me out! You’ve got to successfully pass baggage control season aka December.

Throughout the year we collect so much baggage knowingly or unknowingly.  It could be that person that betrayed you, the ugly traits you’ve developed or the mistakes you can’t seem to forgive yourself for.Im sure you’ve heard people shout, ‘New year, new me.’As if you suddenly become a new person because it’s the first of January.No, no, no.

In order to become new on you must first take off the old. Taking off the old you is just as much a process as is putting on. Take for example someone who wants to become a more loving. It’s not going to suddenly happen because it’s a new year. You first have to understand how,what,when,who,why you struggle to love. Then make a proactive decision to remove hatred from your life. This doesn’t happen instantly. According to psychologists, it takes 21 days for something to become a habit and 90 days to become a lifestyle. It’s a process, especially if you’ve struggled with it for a very long time it will take longer to remove. But once removed, implement practical ways to deal with when it does arise again.That way when 2017 arrives, you can confidently say ‘new year new me’.

For most people holding onto traits like hatred, anger, bitterness, selfishness, jealousy, malice etc is ok because they claim it’s human nature ,everyone does it therefore, it’s ok. But as a Child of God, God calls it sin. He doesn’t want sin to reign in our mortal bodies because sin separates us from Him(Romans 6:12, Isaiah 59:2). It doesn’t matter how good or bad your year has turned out time to be, we ALL fall short in one area or another and this is a good time to reflect and ask God for forgiveness.

The amazing thing about God is he never wants us to ever carry this baggage. That’s why He says ‘His mercies are new every morning.’If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from our unrighteousness(1John 1:9). He fully understands we are human and are prone to mistakes but He lovingly welcomes us with open arms no matter how much we think we have messed up. As 2017 is on the horizon and you may feel like you’ve messed up badly, how can God forgive you? Daniel 9:9 The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him…

If you feel like your 2016 has had a bad ending girl, your 2017 with God can be off the chain.I mean it! Try again this time with God. Surrender your hurts, your pain, and your fears and be sure to not to pick them up again in 2017.

Here’s a link to the book that’s helping me through this process.

With love alwaysdsc_3897-3dsc_3896-3




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  1. I simply cannot believe this! I just came out of a prayer session where God was telling me about the fact that before the rain can come, there has to be a time of dealing with the baggage and the garbage. And as I picked my phone, I saw a mail that you liked a post of mine and I check out your blog and the first post I see is this!!!
    Just wow!!! God definitely has a way of speaking and confirming His word.
    I’m thoroughly amazed.
    It’s a pleasure finding you in the blogosphere.


    1. Wow, How amazing is that!! Glad to have been used to minister to you in such away.Thats a mission accomplished for me. P.S You’re doing a great Job with your blog xx


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