The Pregnancy

Step out in faith!” they said. As if taking that initial step automatically means everything else will fall into place, when in reality it’s quite the opposite. That initial step is only one in a series of other steps of faith. The whole journey will require you to keep stepping out in faith, over and over again. This post is dedicated to those of you, like me, who excitedly stepped out in faith without anticipating the challenges you would encounter. Maybe you began the ministry, started that business, began writing that book, joined a ministry, making lifestyle changes, got into that relationship but along the way you’ve encountered setbacks in delivering the vision you were given. Now you question if you really heard God correctly.

The other day I sat down and mourned to God about how hard this stage was(This stage before delivery.) I didn’t understand why something I strongly believed is meant to be was proving tough to manifest in the physical. As I said this, I was reminded of a pregnant lady and the turmoil she goes through prior to delivery.

 If you have ever sat down with a pregnant lady to find out how her pregnancy is going, you know that pregnancies are anything but smooth. Nine months of carrying an extra load of weight, unwanted changes to the appearance, uncontrollable mood swings, frequent visits to the little girls’ room and should we even talk about the sickness?! Tough right? But it seems God gives them the grace to make it to deliver. Until this revelation, I just thought maybe the level of discomfort I was experiencing meant it wasn’t Gods will. But a pregnant lady doesn’t abort the baby because it’s tough in the delivery room. They suck up the pain because they know what lies at the end of that agonising labour

Just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be. Let me gently remind you that even the circumstances surrounding the birth of our Saviour were anything but rosy.  That did not mean He was not the Saviour, or that God wasn’t in the entire process. In fact, it went to prove that He was indeed the Saviour; if you really think about it, who has the energy to fight over something they see no value in?

I believe through this post God wanted me to remind you, as He reminded me, that even though it has been tough in the delivery room, it doesn’t mean He did not ordain it. What you need to find now is the determination and strength to deliver even though you have spent hours in agony. One last push and this dream, vision, gift is most certainly yours. You didn’t just come this far to come this far. It is meant to be

Isaiah66:9 Shall I bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth?” says the LORD; “shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb?” says your God.

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  1. Vescoe Blake says:

    Love this post, excellent read.

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